Soups and salads to start your meal

Greek Salad


Lettuce, tomato, olives and feta cheese

Chef's Salad


fresh greens and fruits in a honey-vinegrette dressing

Pumpkin Soup

P 83

creamy pumpkin soup

Village Wedding Soup

P 86

chicken strips blended with carrot, celery, potato, zucchini and basil


P 53

italian bread toasted in oil and garlic


Al dente pasta, freshly cooked as you dine in


Pasta al Pesto

P 166

Spaghetti or Fettuccine in olive oil and fresh basil


Linguine Bianche con Gamberetti

P 222

Linguine in creamy garlic sauce with shrimps and mussels


Marinara con Frutti di Mare

P 264

Linguine in tomato sauce with shrimp and mussels


Penne con Pomodoro

P 125

Penne in tomato and basil sauce with a bit of chili


Spaghetti alla Bolognese

P 248

Spaghetti and minced beef in herbed tomato sauce


Carbonara di Ale

P 164

Spaghetti in cheese and egg with bits of bacon


Fettuccine Bianche con Pollo

P 176

Fettuccine in creamy garlic sauce with chicken fillet


Spaghetti alla Puttanesca

P 141

Spaghetti in oil and tomato, spiced with garlic, olives and capers


Aglio Olio

P 131

Spaghetti in olive oil and garlic. A traditional Italian dish


Spaghetti di Strampelli

P 214

Spaghetti and shellfish in oil and herbs


Hand-tossed pizza crust with fresh pomodoro sauce



P 234

Fresh tomato and basil.



P 379

Slices of prosciutto ham topped with zucchini.


Prosciutto e Formaggio Blu

P 376

Prosciutto bits and sting of blue cheese.


Pizza con le Verdue

P 386

Black olives, zucchini, eggplant, capsicum, mushroom, 100% vegetarian.


Quattro Formaggi

P 390

Saga blu, cheddar, gruyere, mozzarella and fresh tomato sauce


Quattro Stagioni

P 397

Classic 4-season flavours of mushroom, zucchini, olives and ham.



P 397

Tasteful spread of prosciutto, cheese, mushrooms, olives, zucchini and herbs.



P 288

All-time favourite tomato, onion, garlic, capers, olives, and herbs


Hearty full meal in Italian wheat bread and olive oil dressing with soup or salad and home-made potato chips on the side


Vegetarian Sandwich

P 222

Zucchini and shitake mushroom with lettuce, onion, basil and herbs


Chicken Sandwich

P 214

Chicken fillet, tomato and cucumber with lettuce, onion, basil and herbs


Tuna Sandwich

P 267

Tuna chunks, tomato and cucumber with lettuce, onion, basil and herbs


Ham Sandwich

P 272

Italian honey-cured ham, tomato and cucumber with lettuce, onion, basil and herbs


A healthy way of enjoying sumptuous meat dish freshly cooked from your kitchen.

Bistecca ai Ferri con Verdure

P 273

Grilled beef steak seasoned in herbs and oil. Enjoy it with grilled vegetables.

Pollo al Marsala

P 343

Marsala wine-cured chicken fillet in creamy sauce and potatoes on the side.


Organic risotto rice, creamy and flavorful, served from the pan.


Risotto ai Funghie Zucchine

P 200

Shitake and button mushroom and zucchini


Risotto al Pollo e Spinaci

P 203

Flavoured chicken and spinach


Risotto ai Frutti di Mare

P 243

Shrimps, clams, and mussels


Ham Sandwich

P 272

Italian honey-cured ham, tomato and cucumber with lettuce, onion, basil and herbs



Cabernet Sauvignon


San Miguel Light
SMB Pale Pilsen
Red Horse
Cerveza Negra
San Mig Zero
San Mig Super Dry

Fresh Juice

Home-made Iced Tea
Fresh Calamansi
Fresh Cucumber


Coke Regular
Coke Zero
Coke Light


Caffe Latte
Caffe Italiano
Hot Tea



P 156

Layered mascarpone cheese and coffee flavoured cakes

Tartuffi Al Ciocolato

P 73

Chocolate truffles with hint of peanut